CD Cover 3025-2
enja CD 9125-2

Producer: Horst Weber
Engineer: Carlos Albrecht / TonstudioBauer
Location: ‘live’ at the jazzclub Domicile, Munich
Rec. Date: May 17, 1978
Cover Photo: Josef Werkmeister

(c) & (p) 1998 enja records horst weber gmbh

Roland Hanna piano
Frank Wess tenor sax, flute
George Mraz bass
Grady Tate drums

1. All Blues by Miles Davis (14:35)
2. Rodney Round Robin
by Roland Hanna (5:34)
3. I’ll Tell You Tonight by George Mraz (7:05) 4. Blues For Sarka by George Mraz (7:06)
5. Smelly Jelly Belly
  by Roland Hanna (9:25)
(soundsample: play 28.8, play 56k, DL)

You’ll have to look long and very hard to find a group that swings more than this one ! The NYJQ was started 1974 by Frank Wess (played with a.o. Count Basie, Dinah Washington, John Coltrane, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones) and Roland Hanna (played with a.o. Sarah Vaughan, Mingus, Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie). The playing of the band is marked by vitality, mother wit, and professional craftmanship paired with a strong sense for stylistics. NYJQ represents a unique merging of musical sophistication and good taste. Anyone who likes swinging modern jazz will love this one !

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