RETURN OF THE TURTLE - Old and new songs from Africa
CD Cover 9112-2
enja CD 9112-2

Produced by the VOODOO GANG
Executive Producer: Horst Weber
Recorded by Ulli Ullmann,
Union Studio, Munich
Date: January 10 & 11,1984
Cover photo: Gerd Chesi
Cover design: Michael Stückl

(c) & (p) 1998 enja records horst weber gmbh

Jean Nkodo Ferouze Darouiche
lead voc, g, balafon, perc
Biboul Ferkouzad &
Pasha Amed Darouiche
mimbé, voc, balafon, mintsas, perc
additional voc, balafon, perc
by Thomas Akuru (Nigeria),
Andreas Möhring (Black Forest)

1.Mbanda o nga so 2:07
2.Mane n'nom 4:22
soundbutt.gif (693 Byte)
3.N'neng 3:11
4.Zumú 6:33
5.Mbembe moan 5:02
6.Kulu man tará 3:57
7.Bekono 5:42
8.Ma yi bo ya 3:03
9. Nkul ngoé 7:07
All compositions by Jean Nkodo Ferouze Darouiche Publ. by ENJA (GEMA).

The Voodoo Gang are three brothers from Cameroon (with a muslim kurd father and a christian Cameroonian mother), who make magic by a music that mixes the ancient and the modern. The instrumentation and vocals are fully acoustic and African, but the texture of compositions and the presentation, the playing and lyrics are for our time and space. It’s contemporary folk: The voodoo for today !

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