CD 9117-2

Misery Lves Company - Athen meets New York
Sylvia Kapernaros   vocals   Sakis Stratopoulos  bouzuki 
Geoff Goodman  guitar, mando-cello   Chris Hirson  saxophone 
Alex Haas  bass   Shankar Lal   tablas 
Tobias Ott  tablas,ghatam

1. Road Movie by G. Goodman (7:07) 2. Kamamotou by Draqatis (4:22)
3. About A Boat by G. Goodman (3:40) 4. Magiadi Trad. (6:14) 
5. Dry Gorge
Trad. (4:52) 6.Barbagianakakis Trad.(6:08) 
7.Cleo’s Companion
by G. Goodman (5:49) 
8. Misirlou
by Nikos Roumbanis (7:01) 9. Tsfiteteli by S. Stratopoulos (4:46) 
10. Prosefhi
by H. Alexion (5:24)

Misery Loves Company presents an exciting mixture of greek folk music and american jazz. Misery's style is eclectic; the band is comprised of musicians from the USA, Greece, India and Germany. Misery's music has a cross-cultural depth of authenticity and conviction which stems from a core of players who have known and worked with each other over a period of years. Guitarist Geoff Goodman and saxophonist Chris Hirson, both form New York, are well-known jazz musicians and prolific composers. Sakis Stratopoulos is a master of the Greek bouzuki and Sylvia Kapernaros, from Athens, is in demand throughout Greece and Europe as an interpreter of Greek music, and has worked with Greece's best known musicians, including the legendary Mikis Theodorakis. The Indian master-musician, Shankar Lal, provides the band with the needed fire coupled with a deep understanding of exotic rhythms.

Recorded at Charisma Studio, December 1997
Cover design: Michael Stueckl

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