Pat Peterson
CD 9154-2

Pat Peterson
"do it now"

Par Peterson - vocal & piano; John Scofield - guitar; David Fathead Newman - tenorsax;
T. M Stevens - bass; Billy Hart - drums

1. I'm In Love With Love 9:29 2. Without You 8:15 3. Satisfied 6:14
4. No Beginning No End 6:19 5. Do It Now 5:42
all songs composed by Pat Peterson
recorded by David Baker, February 1982 at Vanguard Studios NYC.

Exciting singer Pat Peterson has teamed up with a true star group for her first leader album. David ´Fathead`Newman's soulful tenorsax has been an inspiration to Pat since the days when they both worked for Ray Charles. John Scofield, certainly one of the most acclaimed modern jazz guitarists, has returned to his early roots when he accompanied Wilson Pickett.
T.M. Stevens worked with Miles Davis electric band and Billy Hart has been for years one of the top jazz drummers.

"Pat Peterson is a natural spirit, self-possessed, radiant and attractive, with a calm, friendly and engaging temperament. I've come to know her as one of the few people whose music and personality have exactly the same effect.With the help of her brother "Hannibal" Marvin Peterson, Pat Peterson has produced her first solo CD in New York.
" Certainly, I could have gone to a big record company, but I didn't want to do that because you can exercise more control and have more influence on the realisation of your music with a small company. I was lucky to be given a completely free hand in production with no pressure to deliver a commercially successful product. My pieces were recorded exactly as I had them in my mind. For a soul/ funk production, the whole thing sounds very acoustic, natural and economical, which was exactly what I wanted. Luckily, I found the right musicians for this project - John Scofield, T.M. Stevens, Billy Hart and David Newman, all good friends of mine and Hannibal's, who were able to manage the trick of recording this album with me in one day, live in the studio."
The music on this album sounds correspondingly spontaneous, displaying the harmony between the musicians, and Pat's intense need to really " say something". Which she does convincingly, not least through the supple phrasing she draws from her powerful voice. Her singing embodies the dignity and fervent spirituality of the gospel tradition, and at the same time the unbridled emotionality of funk and soul. And here is also the probable reason that love themes, which by now have frequently deteriorated into banal clichés, regain some credibility when she takes them under her wing. This is especially clear in " I'm in love with love", her favourite song on this LP.
It's typical of Pat Peterson's lyrics that the meaning of the term "love" can't be reduced to that of "affection", but expresses much more of a fundamental, positive feeling. To a great extent, she replaces the "does he want me, doesn't he want me?" stereotypes, which are not exactly infrequent in soul and funk, with impassioned pleas for "real love" as against trying to own someone like a consumer. The formative impulses behind this basic ethical attitude were first experienced as a child in a Texan Baptist community.
"The full and intense expression of spirituality and feelings, this longing and striving for more love and peace, which are typical for the Baptist church, are things which have been deeply rooted in me since childhood, and which I want to communicate to others." she says, thoughtfully.
When I asked her to tell me something of her childhood experiences in the church, her brother Hannibal spontaneously joined the conversation."I'd like to say something about that, which I find particularly important. Black people in the South have a lot of religious customs. One of these is to feel oneself totally a singer, and best of all to become known as a singer. In order to determine the talents of community members in this respect, they are tested. For this purpose Pat, for example, as a young teenager, had to sit at the front on a particular bench and sing for everyone. And actually, Sunday after Sunday, she got everyone that was there to sing along 'Yes, Lord' or 'Hey, Man' in response.
These older people aren't just anybody. They're enthusiastic musicians and music lovers who have already heard an incredible amount of music. It means a lot to be accepted by these people, and Pat achieved this as a teenager. She has always had this ability to communicate with people on a high spiritual level. I believe this is something you're born with, you can't learn it in a conservatory. You either have it or you don't."
Pat has it, but she didn't think that was enough. She worked on it. Her most effective school, as she says, was named Ray Charles.
" The time I spent with Ray Charles was hard for me but at the same time very instructive. I was one of the five 'Raylettes' (backing singers) he always had with him. The thing I learnt above all, in those five years, was discipline, working to fixed, strict guidelines. That was my music academy and I graduated successfully. Ray really liked my voice so he often let me sing solo, as a special honour, so to speak…"

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