CD 9179-2


Erdmann 3000

Frank Möbus - guitar
Daniel Erdmann - tenor sax
Johannes Fink - bass
John Schröder - drums
and Yves Robert - trombone (Tracks 4+6)


Daniel Erdmann founded his quartet in 1999. Since that the band has played more then 75 concerts in Germany, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Estonia and the Netherlands.

Daniel Erdmann was born in Wolfsburg in 1973, he studied and lives in Berlin since 1994. Since 2001 he shuttles between Paris in Berlin after having obtained a grant from the german-french cultural council.He has played with Aki Takase, Ed Shuller, Conny Bauer, Gebhard Ullmann, Herb Robertson, Joe Williamson, John Betsch, Rudi Mahall, Pierre Dörge, Hasse Poulsen, Tony Buck to name a few.Concerts at Festivals and Jazzclubs in Europe, Northamerica and Asia.
Frank Möbus was born in 1966 in Nuremburg. He has studied at Berklee and worked on tours, radio and recordings with Ray Anderson, Jim Black, Kenny Wheeler, KarlBerger and so on. He is professor for jazz guitar at the national conservatory in weimar.
Johannes Fink was born in 1964 in Erlangen, he has played with Marc Ducret, Herb Robertson, Tim Berne, Ack van Rooyen, Lee Konitz, Nicholas Simion, John Betsch, Rudi Mahall, Aki Takase, Allen Praskin etc.
John Schröder was born in 1964 and has played and recorded as guitarist, drummer and pianist with Joe Lovano, Chet Baker, Randy Brecker, Enrico Rava, Daniel Humair etc.


"The young lion from berlin has found a language which sounds like a walk through the work-site surrounded streets of his city. An Album filled with surprising turns that documents the change of his hometown unsentimentaly and that fits well for it."
Wolf Kampann
"Erdmann´s sound makes tons of weight flowt in the air.He has learned his lesson of tradition, understood Coleman and Coltrane like not many others.But he is not standing there on stage to tell us all the things he knows about jazz. No, he is looking for a common lanuage with the audience."
"Avantarde-Jazz and fun to listen!"
"Such a varied jazz doesn´t need a stilistic classification. It´s simply a joy for the audience"
Fuldaer Zeitung
"Daniel Erdmann has moved with his Band Erdmann 2000 into the first row of jazz leaders."
"Daniel Erdmann is in the first line of courageous interpretators. His improvisations have their own sound, recognizable, captivating and of all colors."

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