Luis Borda Ensemble - Chicas de Otros Barrios
CD 9190-2

Luis Borda Ensemble
"Chicas de Otros Barrios"

Luis Borda - git, e-git
Michael Dolak - bandoneón
Luciana Beleaeva - viol
Inna Surzhenko - piano
Giorgi Makhoshvili - b

Lidia Borda - vocal
Paula Pomeraniek - violoncello

Luis Borda ist one of the most prestigious musicians in the current "World of Tango" and new Argentine music. He studied harmony and composition with Osvaldo Lupi and Alberto Coronato. Since founding his own ensemble in 1982 he mainly plays his own compositions and managed to become one of the most important representatives and innovators of Tango Nuevo. His music is infectious, rhythmic and lively and always played with masterful skill. He is considered as the "real descendent of Astor Piazzolla" by the argentine press and as one of the few composers who achieved to develop the style of Tango music in the last decades

He recorded a lot of his work with some of the most respected and famous Argentinean musicians, some of which includes Rodolfo Mederos, Dino Saluzzi, Leon Gieco, Lito Vitale, Juan Falú, Emilio del Guercio. He regularly tours South America and Europe and composes and arranges scores for theatre, dance and film productions. His collaboration with Arne Birkenstock for the prize winning documentary "12Tango" (released on CD enja 9167) was an artistic highlight not only for the world wide Tango community. The soundtrack includes 16 exclusively arranged and recorded tangos, performed by 25 of the best Argentinian musicians under the direction of Luis Borda.

Following his more experimental album "el Alba" his new CD "Chicas de Otros Barrios" focuses on the many shades of Tango Nuevo , ranching from "classical" compositions to "classical" Tango dance tunes. Always very adventures, modern, charismatic and full with musical surprises.
"Chicas de Otros Barrios" features Luis Borda's european working band and as a special guest his sister Lidia Borda whom the "Rolling Stone Magazine" described as "the best tango singer of the present" . Lidia has been inspired by the pioneer interpreters of tango but at the same time she is a modern and original interpreter with a classic and unconventional repertoire that rescues beautiful pages of the genre, inexplicably forgotten.

Born in Buenos Aires, Lidia Borda studied Fine Art, Music and Theatre.
Borda has toured internationally in America and Europe and played at many of the main festivals around the world, including Greece, Spain; Festival de Otońo, Portugal; Citč de la musique, Chaillot, France; and The Bergen Festival, Norway. In 2002, she represented Argentina singing in representation of Latin America at the opening ceremony of the New Library of Alexandria in Egypt. In 2005 she was awarded the Konex prize "Merit Diploma" in the category Female Tango Singer.

The songs for "Chicas de Otros Barrios" were recorded in Buenos Aires and in Munich (where the guitarist resides since the mid 90's) and effectifely display the talents and creativity of his band .. His songs mark a unique course in today's tango. Luis Borda fascinates his audience not only with his virtuosity on the guitar but also with his charisma and charm. His concerts are unforgettable events.

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