Glenn Ferris - Ferriswheel
CD 9197-2

Glenn Ferris

Glenn Ferris - tb
Bruno Rousselet - b
Ernie Odoom - vocals, perc


1. SOMETHING ON MY MIND (words and music: Glenn Ferris)
2. SABBATH PRAYER (words: Sheldon Harnick - music: Jerry Bock)
3. TO YOU (words and music: Glenn Ferris)
4. METROGNOME (music: Glenn Ferris)
5.READY TO GO (words and music: Glenn Ferris)
6.LIKE THAT (words and music: Glenn Ferris)
7. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL ( words and music : Bruce Fisher; Billy Preston)
8. WHO’S THERE – OUT THERE ? (words and music: Glenn Ferris)
9. FOREVER BLUES (words and music: Glenn Ferris)

Tall among the greats, the reputation of Glenn Ferris is alredy established, considered as “One of the most colorful voices of the contemporary trombone“. The Press unanimous has reaffirmed: “If his american carrer has made him an instrumentalis and soloist of inernational dimension from his work with the Don Ellis Big Band, the Mothers of Invention and Grand Wazoo Orchestra of Frank Zappa, Billy Cobham, Stevie Wonder, Philly Jo Jones ...etc. Twenty one years after leaving the USA, to live in France, his european career in concerts and recordings with among others: Martial Solal, Archie Shepp, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier, Palatino, Bex-Ferris-Goubert, the Glenn Ferris Trio and the “Chrominance” Trio, has definitively put him at the top with the greats¨ “ Zappa, Ferris’s music bubbles with serious fun. Like Erik Satie, Ferris delivers his aphoristic erudition with virtuosity and a Dadaistic wink...“ Chuck Berg JAZZTIMES

“...Glenn Ferris, trombonist on the way to re-invent the instrument with at the heart, the memory of Duke Ellington and with the lips, the breath of Ben Webster...” Michel Contat TELERAMA

“Playing with names can be fun, informative and creative.My last name FERRIS, is associated with an amusement park ride known as the FERRIS WHEEL. Nice!
The great trumpetist-composer-arranger –bandleader Don ELLIS, wrote a composition entitled “FERRIS WHEEL” that featured me as the soloist with his big band in 1969. Real Nice!

A wheel is made to revolve and in so doing, energy is manifested.
As the Glenn FERRIS ’WHEEL’ trio performs, musical energy is unleashed, creating its own park full of musical attractions.

After recording four trio CD’s for Enja. “FLESH and STONE”, “FACE LIFT “, “REFUGEES” with the Glenn FERRIS ‘TRIO’ and “CHROMINACE” with the Glenn FERRIS ‘CHROMINANCE ‘ trio, (I love trios) I was inspired once again to do a threesome.

I wanted to find a singer that had the “right stuff” for my music. Things happen when they do.
I was invited to be a soloist with the ‘LEBOCAL BIG BAND’ of France, for a Frank ZAPPA music recording project. A well known singer was supposed to sing but could not be present, so one of the saxophonists in the band who also sang, was appointed the singer for the recording.
Please welcome Ernie ODOOM. After hearing him sing and playing / recording with Ernie, I knew he was the singer for me.

The FERRIS ‘WHEEL’ trio concretely came about when Ernie called me one day asking me if I would be interested in having myself and Bruno ROUSSELET be invited to perform with him for his two day Carte Blanche at the well respected AMR jazz club in Geneva,Switzerland. Well, that inspired me to create a brand new repertoire for us three.

These first FERRIS ‘WHEEL’ trio concert performances at the AMR jazz club are what is offered here on this CD. As I said before, things happen when they do. This CD is the result of our inspired performances that could have never been planned. We were blessed with some magic on these nights, not only because of the music that happened but because of the great sound quality of the live recording that was captured as well.

Here is a brief rundown on the compositions on this CD.

We all have the need to express our thoughts and feelings, but actually doing it doesn’t come easy.

From the Broadway musical, “FIDDLER ON THE ROOF”. The title says it all.

3.) ‘TO YOU ‘
This is about the giving of higher truths of life that opens the window to understanding.

You know, those entities who live in the labyrinth world of the metro/subway.

There is a beginning and an end to everything and when it comes to the end, I would be ready to go.

No excuses, make your life the way you want it. Like that.

Yes, you.

Sometimes I wonder and I am sure you do also, if anybody is out there who I can really synapse with. You dig?

If there is anything that will last forever, it will be the blues.

Let us give credit where it is unquestionably due.
Besides being so wonderfully musical and creative, emanating the joy of music, Bruno ROUSSELET and Ernie ODOOM make this music happen. They have the ability and capacity to express themselves while fulfilling my musical visions.
The FERRIS’WHEEL’ cannot turn without them ... Enjoy the ride.
Glenn Ferris

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