LISA WAHLANDT - stay a while
CD 9199-2

"stay a while"

Lisa Wahlandt - vocals
Walter Lang - piano
Sven Faller - bass
Gerwin Eisenhauer - drums


1. Kiss  2. Light My Fire  3. Stay A While  4. My Funny Valentine  5. Here There AndEverywhe
6. As Tears Go By  7. Enjoy The Silence  8. Gute Nacht  9. I Will Survive  10. Inner City Blues

"Stay a while" is a logbook of love-in-song, smooth and soft as velvet, with a subtle intensity, and ever so slightly blue. It is a chronology of romance, from the heat of first passion, to the joy of a great love, through the gradual falling out and final separation, and in the end on to a new beginning.... an emotional journey through the whole spectrum of love that touches you heart and soul...

Lisa Wahlandts new project is totally dedicated to an acoustic blend of classic and modern pop tunes with a touch of jazz and bossa nova. The extraordinary and mystical voice of Lisa Wahlandt fits perfectly into this totally acoustic setting. In their very own arrangements Lisa and her band (now also performing as "TrioELF") create a very special flavour that adds a certain mystical moment to all these tunes.

...starting with the basics: Wahlandt owns a voice both beautiful and enormously versatile which is suited to Blues and Swing as well as to Latin or Avantguarde music; behind her rather high vocal pitch hides unexpected volume; her intonation is as flawless as her microphone handling and her sense of timing; she masters scatting as well as speech-song or cocktail jazz; her Portuguese sounds as perfect as her English, French and German. Last not least - this cool Bavarian blonde has charisma...
Oliver Hochkeppel

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