Heliocentric Counterblast - Planetary Tunes
CD 9726-2

Heliocentric Counterblast
"Planetary Tunes"

Christian Magnusson - tp
Kathrin Lemke - as / bcl
Dirk Steglich - fl / ts
Florian Juncker - tb
Andreas Dormann - bar
Niko Meinhold - p / space-keys
Mike Majkowski - b
Philipp Bernhardt - dr

Heliocentric Counterblast takes Sun Ra’s music as a platform with which to go their own musical direction, combining various elements of the jazz-tradition, such as oldtime-swing with free-jazz.

"Tunes from the cosmic universe of Sun Ra are difficult to cover. Only those who use them as a launch pad for their own explorations will be able to follow their own orbit. This is precisely the principal idea of Berlin saxophonist Kathrin Lemke, who with her band dives into Sun Ra’s curious and wonderful mixture of the swing tradition and free-spiritedness in a completely unacademic way. Wild and joyful, never careless. The master is smiling from Saturn."
Bert Noglik

"Instead of simply copying Sun Ra’s compositions, the musicians are distinguished and high-profile enough to inject them with their own ideas, fantasy and spontaneity. The band swings like the devil and displays no lack of lusty, anarchic esprit."
Rainer Köhl

"The cacophony of global life, from the grunting of a herd of gnus and the crying of a newborn child to the lift-off of a rocket, seems to come together at a high altitude to form a magical accord. And so we fly at various heights with Sun Ra in his shuttle 'Heliocentric Counterblast'. At times shaken up as in an asteroid belt, at others first thrown into a green crocodile swamp to be then catapulted out of a volcano accompanied by drunken elves.
One can imagine that this requires fantastic instrumentalists. Heliocentric Counterblast superbly accomplishes this feat, this trip in 80 beats around the world. Each musician masters many tongues from the angelic to glossolalia."

Michael Wüst

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