Hotel Bossa Nova - Desordem & Progresso
CD 9729-2

Hotel Bossa Nova
"Desordem & Progresso"

Liza da Costa - vocals
Tilmann Höhn - guitar
Alexander Sonntag - bass
Wolfgang Stamm - drums

So they didn’t pick the name of the band from a hat. Bossa Nova is the jump-off point for Hotel Bossa Nova, the jazz quartet from Germany founded nine years ago. Liza da Costa (voice), Tilmann Höhn (guitar), Alexander Sonntag (double bass) and Wolfgang Stamm (drums and percussion) venture along the most varied musical paths of Latin Jazz, which they continually open up in new fields with their own fusion compositions. Hear them live, with Liza da Costa radiating pure joy, together with the band’s irresistible improvisations and you will understand why these virtuoso musicians are so applauded on stage and esteemed by the critics.

Of their last four albums, Hotel Bossa Nova "Desordem e Progresso" (Turbulence and Progress) is the most free-wheeling to date. In contrast to the more ballad-bound "Na Meia Luz", with primarily classically constructed songs from the broad palette of Bossa Nova, the band breaks out here with an astonishing love for adventure, with brilliant forays in tempo and path forging innovation. Whether they are mini-songs that occurred on the spot in the studio, or complex, style transcending compositions full of ease and passion, this new album from Hotel Bossa Nova has ignited a fusion fireworks of Jazz-World-Music in a class of its own.
A Bossa Supernova: catch it live!

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