Kip Hanrahan
CD yeb-7705-2

Doug Wimbish


1. Revolution(Wimbish, Sherwood, Leblanc, McDonald featuring Doug, vocals
2. Trance (Wimbish, Fowler, McDonald) featuring Doug and Bernard Fowler, vocals
3. Scary Man (Wimbish, Fowler) featuring Bernard Fowler, vocals
4. Homeless (Curtis Mayfield) featuring Bernard Fowler, vocals;
5.Danger ( Wimbish, McDonald, Sherwood, Basil) featuring Doug, vocals
6.Rockin' Shoes (Wimbish, McDonald) featuring Doug and Kevin Gibbs, vocals;
7. Silent Footsteps (Wimbish, McDonald, Gibbs, Bell) featuring Kevin Gibbs and Doug, vocals
8. Swirl (Wimbish)
9. Broadcasting (Wimbish, Sherwood) featuring Flash, saxophone
10. I Wanna Know (Wimbish, Sherwood, McDonald, Nelson) featuring Shara Nelson, vocals;
11. Special Request (Wimbish, McDonald, Leblanc, Worrell, Sista Carol) featuring Sista Carol, vocal;
12. No Release, No Surrender (Wimbish, McDonald, Gibbs, Bell) featuring Doug, vocal;
13. Easy Philosophy (Wimbish, Gibbs, Bell)

Doug Wimbish (bass, vocals, ambience, Skip McDonald (guitars, keybs, vocals), Bernard Fowler (vocals ), Keith Leblanc (drums ), Will Calhoun (drums), Milan Cimfe (drums, percussion), Pavel Dirda (piano), Pete Lockett (percussion), Flash (horns), Kevin Gibbs and Sas Bell (vocals ), Bernie Worrell (keyboards), Adrian Sherwood (creative ambience and psycho mix), Sister Carol (vocals), Shara Nelson (vocals)

CinemaSonics is Doug Wimbish's long-awaited second solo album, his first since 1999's "Trippy Notes for Bass." Perhaps best known as the bassist in the Grammy Award-winning rock band Living Colour, Doug staked his first musical claims more than 30 years ago, as a member of Sugar Hill Records' original house band. With guitarist Skip McDonald and drummer Keith Leblanc, he wrote and played on many of the original hip-hop anthems, including "The Message," "White Lines," and "That's the Joint." Soon after, along with McDonald and Leblanc, he moved to London, and with English producer Adrian Sherwood, formed a legendary industrial funk band called TACK>>HEAD. Another important milestone came for Doug when Rolling Stone vocalist Bernard Fowler joined TACK>>HEAD in 1989. Soon after, with the release of TACK>>HEAD's "Friendly as a Hand Grenade," Doug became more noticed, and his artistic journey accelerated wildly. He quickly earned the reputation as "The Journeyman Bassist," sought after, and collaborating on records and tours, with hundreds of artists, including The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Herb Alpert, B.B. King, Annie Lennox, Carly Simon, Madonna, Seal, Joe Satriani, George Clinton, and Mos Def. With long-time collaborators, vocalist Vinx, and Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun, by the names Jungle Funk and HEAD>>FAKE, Doug also produces Bass/Drum Dub projects that have proven especially popular in Eastern Europe. For CinemaSonics, Doug recruited many of his life-long musical mates, and tapped his deep reservoir of talent, influences, and cinematic memories to make his most personal record to date. CinemaSonics is, as expected, filled with Doug's virtuosity, electronics, and signature ambient sound, but it also showcases his often over-looked melodic, lyrical, and compositional skills. From horn-rich James Bond orchestration, to 1970s Superfly funk, urban Beatstreet vibes, and darker Miami Vice moods, CinemaSonics is a comprehensive, and stylish musical document, effectively serving as a soundtrack for Doug's artistic life.  

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