CD yeb-7717-2


Airelle Besson - tp
Sylvain Rifflet - ts, cl
Guido Zorn - b
Julien Omι - g
Nicolas Larmignat - dr
Gilles Olivesi - sound

The trumpet player Airelle Besson and the multi instrumentalist Sylvain Rifflet (saxophones, flutes) present the second recording of the group Rockingchair : “1 : 1”. In France, the CD already won the “choc” award, the highest praise, from Jazz Magazine, the most important French jazz publication. Rockingchair, a young jazz group of 6 members of whom one, Gilles Olivesi, is an electronics specialist, is focused on sound, on a particular alliance between their sound universe and their original compositions. The sextet uses the ideas of each in circular dynamics; the creativity is exploited by all six, with the complicity of the sound engineer. The result is a delicate mix between contemporary jazz and touches of rock, of composition and improvisation. It is emphasized by the use of electronics that serve to accentuate their style, clearly based on jazz, but also inspired by the sound of rock and electronic pop.

The sound of "Rocking Chair" is a combination of mixed influences of Radiohead, Tom Waits, Jim Black Alas No Axis, and the whole contemporary American jazz.
The success of this album is based on the sensitive balance between modern jazz and contemporary pop music.

A very promising new album.... The added proof that there definitely are lots of fascinating novelties in today's jazz.

Rockingchair is a quest for high quality sound effect, a confidential combination of various fields of sound .The quintet uses a wide range of sounds, either with very acoustic or "rock", "pop" features.
FNAC talent notice

This record is the pleasant surprise of/from a group meant to last. What is most striking is their determination/ intention to create something new in sound matter.
Telerama fff

Choc Jazz – Jazz Magazine/ Jazzman December 2010

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