CD yeb-7722-2


Susi Hyldgaard - vocals, piano, keyboards, ukulele, guitar, accordeon

Benita Haastrup - drums
Jannik Jensen - bass

Susi Hyldgaard is releasing her 7th CD.

Its called "Dansk"(Danish), and the lyrics are written in 4 languages.

After presenting the CD "Its love we need" with the remarkable bigband arrangements by the colorful duo from The Jazzpassengers, Roy Nathanson and Bill Ware, she has returned to the trioformat.

On this album she combines jazz, pop and electronica with smooth melodies and little sampleclippings from the every-day-life.

Although having a faible for challenging herself, she manages to make easygoing music fit popchicks as well as more leanedback couchy kind-a-jazztypes.

No matter how much Susi Hyldgard combines, turnes around and challenges herself, what you have got left is catchy melodies, welldone arrangements, clever lyrics with power and passion, all together soaked in an overpowering musicality always worth listening to.

"Dansk" is a reflection on the phenonomens identity and communication, and the fact that she lives in a very small country. Its been recorded over a period of two years, partly in her homestudio, with the musicians sitting in, one by one - partly with actual liverecordings of the whole band. In this period of two years, the songs where tried out on different audiences-and the result of this is the songs in four different languages.

The idea of the album is overall communication and comes from my experiences with singing in the native countries in their particular language....german in germany, danish here, english in england....etc.
and the feeling of getting so much closer to people when speaking their own language....not inbetween the songs, there its ok, but in the songs, the combination of words and melodie SOOOOO much better, when you do it that way.....
and it is typical for a "skandinav"....and very much for a Dane, (this little country with all these big important countries around.... ) want to communicate in that way, its how we live here somehow-by communicating , networking,being part of, reaching for understanding.....because we are so small:-)......yet we are at the same time so scared of being run over by immigrants/refugees....very double situation...

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