Johanna Borchert - FM Biography
CD yeb-7744-2

Johanna Borchert
"FM Biography"

Johanna Borchert - vocals, piano, synths
Fred Frith - guitar
Shazhad Ismaily - bass, guitar, synths
Julian Sartorius - drums

Johanna Borchert is presenting her new Album carrying the title „FM Biography“ with a „Pop“- Band of prominent Jazz musicians and improvisers, keeping the balance between the strict song format and anarchistic freeform impulses with virtuosity. Guitar legend Fred Frith surprises again, endlessly expanding his sound spectra. Also known for his various sounds, Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius provides with his delicate rhythms a strong fundament for the songs. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily contributes with bass, guitar synths, and on „Light Years“, even with drumming. Johanna Borchert compliments on the piano and different synthesisers which never drag too much attention. The arrangements are always kept reduced in order to give enough room for the individual sounds by keeping the tension between the Pop structure and free elements with spartan gestures.

The result is an album of ten songs, each being individual pieces of a whole story, which Johanna Borchert sings with a nonchalant-melancholic expression of affecting beauty

Who`s behind the project?

Fred Frith (Guitar)
Fred Frith is one of the most profiled avant-garde-guitarists alive. He became famous in the early 70ties with the Rock Band Henry Cowand later with the Award Winning documentary film Step Across the Border. His artistic profile, his musical work and impacton a huge scene of improvisers and all kinds of musicians is huge, rather countless.

Julian Sartorius (Drums)
Julian Sartorius is an outstanding highly talented young prodigy out of the Swiss drumming scene known for his love for sounds and groove. With his Beat Diary he gained sudden success in 2012. He has collaborated with Sophie Hunger, Colin Vallon, Dimlite, Merz, Jürg Halter and Rhys Chatham and has toured throughout Europe, SouthAmerica, Canada and the US.

Shahzad Ismaily (Bass, Guitar, Drums, Producer)
Shahzad Ismaily is a unique and outstanding musician, composer and producer. He has worked in the film industry, scoring Oscar nominated films Frozen River and Sun Come Up. He has recorded and performed with countless musical luminaries, Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, Marc Ribot, John Zorn and Bonnie Prince Billy, to name a few. He has also worked in dance and theatre, accompanying works by Tadashi Endo and the Shinichi Momo Koga.

Johanna Borchert (Vocals, Piano, Synths, Production)
Born 1983 in the German capital of Berlin, pianist Johanna Borchert was already at a young age showing potential as a musically gifted prodigy who, aside from a traditional familiarization with the classics, continued to bloom, an emerging talent in the modern music scene. Sources of her inspiration are as far-ranging as Bach, Debussy and Bartôk to jazz musicians such as Thelonious Monk and Keith Karrett and also contemporary composers Messiaen, Cage and Ligeti to name a few.

Furthermore a semester abroad studying classical Indian “carnatic” music helped further her musical expression with the piano and fostered her development as a vocalist. After completing her studies in composition and jazz piano under the tutelage of David Friedman, Hubert Nuss and Django Bates among others at the “Universität der Künste“ in Berlin and the “Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium” in Copenhagen Johanna Borchert is now part of the driving force of the young Berlin and Copenhagen avant-garde jazz scene.

Johanna Borchert is mostly known through her bands Schneeweiss & Rosenrot and Little Red Suitcase, with whom she toured a lot through many European countries, but also Asia, the USA and Canada. As a co-leader of Schneeweiss & Rosenrot, she won the „New German Jazz Prize“ in 2012, and was nominated for the Danish music awards three times with her Duo Little Red Suitcase in 2006, 2008 and 2012.

In October 2012 she released her debut as a piano Soloist, named „Orchestre Ideal“. Since 2010 she is touring under her own name with her solo program, in which she appears not only as an outstanding piano player but also as a singer of very personal character.

In 2010 Josef Woodward wrote about the young lady on the white and black keys: „Borchert is an intriguing young pianist worth keeping tabs on. She can veer inside and outside“. Johanna Borchert is demonstrating this with her newest Solo project too. Jazz journalist Tobias Richtsteig praises her Solo program: „She finally gathers all her different sounds. Improvisation unfolding from minimalistic patterns, impressionistic Jazz ballads and catchy Pop Ballads are not contradicting each other, but are the components for a very personal concert of capricious explosive force“. Bert Noglik, programming the Berlin Jazz Festival writes: „With her new Solo program the young Artist is again breaking the lines between Jazz, Pop and Avantgarde...“.

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