Offpiste Gurus - In Case Of Fire
CD yeb-7757-2

Offpiste Gurus
"In Case Of Fire"

Trinelise Væring - vocals, banjo
Fedrik Lundin - tenor & bariton sax, piano, vocals
Thomas Vang - bass
Jeppe Gram - drums

Danish indie-jazz-and-beyound

The word “offpiste” associates to off-piste skiing and implies a path, somewhere off the beaten track. This is also true for Offpiste Gurus' music, which moves freely outside the established boundaries of the genres.
Offpiste Gurus’ music combines the singer-songwriters’ commitment to personalized storytelling with the tradition for improvisations in a blue-toned landscape, which Scandinavian jazz is so famous for.
The songs are set in tight, intricate arrangements, that cut to the core of each song, while leaving plenty of space for Væring’s beautifully unvarnished and charismatic voice and Lundin’s potent and multi faceted improvising. It’s produced by topnotch indie producer Nikolaj Nørlund


Singer, composer and lyricist Trinelise Vaering works in the borderland between rock, jazz and Indie-pop. She is a distinctive voice and a unique songwriter on the Scandinavian music scene. In the words of the newspaper Information’s rock critic Klaus Lynggaard she is, one of our most fascinating and daring female music artists. She has released 10 albums altogether, and through her musical journey she has gone from being a much acclaimed jazz diva to an el-guitar based singer and songwriter in her own right.
Her latest album “Oh Purity” from 2014 is a collaboration with the much acclaimed international baroque ensemble Barokksolistene. Trinelise was nominated for a Gaffa Award in the category “best female artist of the year” for this album. The recording of the Oh Purity album was also the focus of a documentary produced for the national Danish television DR, and will air all over Scandinavia this spring.
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Saxophonist, composer and bandleader Fredrik Lundin is one of the major jazz profiles in Scandinavia of his generation.
Two of his 11 albums as a leader was awarded best jazz album of the year, and he has received numerous prizes and awards. He is a side man on more than 40 Scandinavian Jazz albums.
He now leads two groups besides Offpiste Gurus, and has played in numerous Scandinavian modern jazz bands many off which have toured Germany. Among others the Marilyn Mazur Group, Jon Balke Magnetic North Orchestra and his own Fredrik Lundin Overdrive.
In connection with his his 50th birthday Fredrik was pronounced one of the most complete and gifted musician of his generation by jazzjournalist Christian Munch Hansen in major newspaper Politiken.
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What the cristics have written about Offpiste Gurus:

"Trinelise Væring and Fredrik Lundin are such strikingly unique artists"
Kim Skotte, Politiken (DK)

It's full throttle right from the start...condensed restlessness. Appealing coolness. It's punk and at the same time sophisticated"
Jyllandsposten (DK)

"Ancient, mud heavy melancholia, dressed up in new very lively robes"
Jazzspecial (DK)

"Væring's fascinating voice and Lundin's brutal saxophone...Trashy chamber rock and beautiful ballads.Væring and Lundin are truly themselves. And that's their strength."
Gaffa (DK)

"Væring and Lundin dare to tread where others haven't"
Jazznytt (N)

"A clash between two worlds, which in the absolutely divine (……) lots of barbs and

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